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for the first time how the malfunctioning website has adversely affected the entire sign up. glitches did not only affect those who tried to log on but it impacted those who called the government hotline to sign up and those who submitted paper applications. processors used the same portal no matter how many people apply and how they applied. tekkies are taking down the website for maintenance each night from 10:00 10:00 p.m. to . our type. >> a child will have a surgery, 149-month-old was to have an artery repaired in oakland a month ago but their provider, western health advantage, canceled the appointment because it was deemed "out-of-network." her parents were told that procedure had to be done later at uc davis medical center in the home whom -- the hmo network but they were worried the baby's condition would worsen. >> it is a tough road. tough road. it made me realize we shouldn't have stopped. >> they appealed to the state department an independent review and sided with the family. the couple were notified they plan to find out when their daughter will have the surge
information coming from house republican back seat the affordable care act's website, documents released by the house overstiet system suggest just six people signed up for coverage successfully on the first day of enrom rollment and the number didn't hit 250 after millions tried to log on. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testified this week that the website's flaws make any data unreliable. her agency won't release enro enrollment numbers for weeks. >>> about a third of the abortion clinics will close today after a new part of the state's abortion law has been reinstated. the doctors must have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. it's now back in effect. the president of planned parenthood says the ruling bans abortions in vast stretches of texas and will have appealed. governor rick perry says the state will do everything it can to protect a culture of life in texas. >>> coming up, a big change coming to an american classic at a favorite meal for many kids, kraft mac and cheese. >>> did your ghost and goblins enup with
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2